Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Discover Your Past Lives With A Self Guided Past Life Regression Session

Have you ever wondered who you may have once been? The kind of lives you may have led? Why you feel you have a special bond with someone you have only just met? Why does this period in history or place seem so familiar to you? If you have been asking yourself these questions, you may wish to try exploring your past lives by using this simple self hypnosis guided meditation.

Before you begin, do think careful if you are happy to really discover who you are, we have all done things in the past that would horrify us now, so please be certain that you are ready to face whatever comes up.

Below is a guided meditation script for you to follow, you could either ask a friend to read it out for you, or you could record it yourself to play back when you are ready.

Preparation is most important, so ensure that the room you are using is warm and comfortable, soft lighting is more relaxing, you could also play some meditation style music, as long as it is non vocal. Turn off all mobile/cell phones, and make sure that you won’t be disturbed. At no time will you be so deeply under that you will be unable to “come round” should there be an emergency, your conscious mind is still very much active and watching out for you.

Find somewhere to comfortable to lie down, this could be your bed or couch.

  • I want you to concentrate on your breathing, long slow deep breaths, feel your body relax a little more each time you breathe out. Feel your body sinking further into the bed or couch, gentle steady rhythmic breaths. If any thoughts pop into your mind, do not engage them; just allow them to pass by.

  • Now I want you look inside your forehead as if you were looking at screen and see the word RELAX. Concentrate on the word, relax, and feel all the muscles in your face loosen and relax, feel all the tension ebbing away.

  • Feel this relaxation flowing down your neck and shoulders, all the stress flowing out of you. If you come across any particularly stubborn areas just breathe into the tension and as you breathe out feel the muscles relaxing 

  • You are feeling beautifully calm and relaxed, now feel this beautiful relaxing feeling flowing down either side of your spine, your chest and stomach, pelvic area, down to your thighs, knees, calves and shins, onto your ankles and feet. Feel all the tension draining from your body and out through your feet. Now move back up to your shoulders and feel it flowing down your arms, wrists and out of your hands.

  • Now you are beautifully calm and relaxed, calm and relaxed, and from now on each time your hear the words calm and relaxed you will drift deeper and deeper into this beautiful relaxing feeling. Every time you hear the words calm and relaxed you will drift deeper and deeper.
  • I now want you to imagine that you are standing in a beautiful garden, it is warm and sunny with just a hint of a breeze, and you can hear the birds singing, the insects humming and the breeze rustling the leaves all around you. The butterflies dance over the tops of the flowers and you can hear water trickling from a small fountain nearby. You can smell the beautiful scent of freshly cut grass and the delicate perfume of the flowers.
  • Take your time walking around this beautiful garden engaging all your senses fully.
  • In front of you are some steps leading down to lower level in the garden, I will ask you to walk slowly down these steps in a moment.
  • With each step you take you will feel even more calm and relaxed, with each step you take you will feel even more calm and relaxed. As you walk down these steps I will count each one down from 10 – 0
  • Now make your way down the steps 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6, getting calmer and calmer, 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 -0.
  • You are now in an even more beautiful part of the garden and over to your right is a comfortable reclining garden chair.
  • Make your way over to the chair and make yourself comfortable, as you settle, I want you to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper, drifting deeper and deeper.
  • This is the most beautiful feeling of relaxation, the most beautiful feeling of relaxation and calmness.
  • Now I want you to slowly stand up, knowing that at anytime you can return to this place of safety.
  • Walk a little way ahead and you will see a path stretching out before you, on one side you will see a row of trees stretching far out into the distance and on the other side you will see a high wall . Along this wall are many many doors, all different colours and styles. Each door represents a year of your life. Above each door is a number, showing the year.
  • Now I want you to make your way along the path, you are now travelling back in time, watch the numbers change as you walk down the path, going further and further back in time. Go past the 90’s, the 80’s etc. onto the year you were born and then go further back.
  • Now I want you to look for a door that really stands out to you, that feels significant to you. Take as much time as you need until you feel yourself drawn to a special door, a door that holds a past life.
  • Once you have found a door, look above it and see what number it is, what year you are about to enter.
  • Now I want you to enter through this door, closing it firmly behind you, but always knowing that it will be there ready for you when it is time to return.
  • Take a deep breath, look down and take a look at your feet, describe what you are wearing, slowly work your way up your body taking in each garment you are wearing.  Feel yourself in your new body, are you male or female? Are you old or young? Do you feel fit, strong and healthy or do you feel weak, sickly or ill? Just allow these answers to drift up from your subconscious, don’t fight it or question it. What is your name? How old are you?
  • Now look around you, are you outside or inside? What can you see going on around you? What is the climate like? Are you alone or is someone with you?  What can hear? How do you feel?  What are you doing here? What country are you in? If at any time anything you are experiencing becomes too intense for you, feel yourself float up above the situation, watch it as if you were watching a movie from a place of safety.
  • Allow these images to fade from your mind and move forward in time to when an important event is happening, something that is relevant for you to know now.
  • Who are you with? What is happening? Is the person you are with someone that you know from other lifetimes? Have you reincarnated with this person in previous lifetimes, or in recent ones, including your present one? Just allow the answers to spring up from your subconscious mind. Look deep into their eyes; do they feel like someone you are familiar with? Just allow their name to pop into your mind. How does being with this person make you feel? What is their relationship to you?
  • Do they have a special message that is relevant to you now?
  • When you feel that you have explored enough, feel yourself withdraw from the situation, turn around and see the door behind you. Open the door and step back onto the path way, closing the door firmly behind you.
  • Make your way back up the path in the direction of the chair and the steps. As you walk along the path see all the numbers above the doors counting upwards this time, from the year you are in back up to the present year.  Know that the calmness and relaxation you have experienced today will always be there for you, just think of the garden and you will feel peaceful.
  • Now it is always important to return the way we have come so I want you to move towards the steps. I will count you back up again. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 mind and body slowly returning to normal now, 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 mind and body fully refreshed and returned to normality.
  • Open your eyes and allow yourself to come to properly, have a drink of water and if you haven’t recorded your session write as much down of it as you can remember.

Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t experience very much, it is like exercising a muscle, it takes time to learn to relax and be open enough. If you got nothing then it could be because it just isn’t the right time for you to access this kind of information. Leave it a while and try again another time.

I hope you have enjoyed this session, it is just a very basic one, and not as in-depth as one led by a professional therapist, but it may give you a beginning, a starting point that will allow you to explore further. I know it really helped me while I was training. There are also many books and CD’s available with other guided meditations you could also try.

Past Life Regression – A Step Back In Time

There are many misconceptions surrounding past life therapy and hypnotherapy in general. Hypnotherapy is not to be confused with stage hypnotism. As its name suggests it is a therapy brought about by using hypnosis. The aim isn’t to make people foolishly act out of character but to gently ease your way into their subconscious mind to;

  • Access the root cause of phobias, illnesses not responding to conventional treatment,
  • To help overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol or smoking and also to relive events from our past. Sometimes we bury things so deeply that we can’t consciously remember them, this could be a near drowning accident in the bathtub as an infant which later manifests itself as a fear of water and of swimming in later years.
Occasionally however, we have to go a little further back in time, in fact to another time entirely, a previous lifetime to discover where it all began.

The Facts

What to expect from a past life regression session

During hypnosis you are gently led into a light trance, similar to that you would experience while daydreaming. This is slowly deepened to meditation level. At this point you are asked to visualise a “safe place”, this can vary from person to person. Some like to imagine a beautiful garden, others a secluded beach. This is a midway point and from here you are taken more deeply under, but always knowing that should you encounter anything that may disturb you, you can always return to this place of safety. It is also to this point we return to after the regression to allow time for the new information to be integrated into the conscious mind and also into this lifetime.

At no time are you so deeply under that you wouldn’t hear the phone ringing, or someone knocking at the door, in fact quite often you will experience things on two levels, having one foot in this lifetime and one in a previous one.

Many approach past life regression for a specific reason, whether this is to get to the root cause of a phobia, or a maybe persistent complaint that refuses to clear up despite the best efforts of medical intervention, often termed as psychosomatic. Others have recurring dreams or flashbacks to another place and time and wish to explore deeper, maybe a fascination for a particular period or event in history. Some feel a particularly strong bond with another person, a feeling that they have always known each other even though they may have only just met this time around. While some are just in it for curiosity. All these are valid reasons, but before deciding to take the next step, it is wise to think through all the possible things you may encounter, even the type of person you may have been.

Could you cope with the knowledge that you may have murdered, lied, cheated and bullied or tortured others, and also on the other side of the coin, any of these things may have also happened to you. Once you open this Pandora’s Book of memories there is no putting the lid back on those new memories!
Step back in time

Everyone experiences their regression differently, some people are very fortunate and are very gifted at visualising, and they see and hear everything in bright vivid detail. For others they may; see only, hear only, or just “sense” what is happening around them.

Some people are very in the “thick of it” and experience everything in real time; while others prefer to dissociate themselves and feel that they are sat back watching a movie unfold before them.

At anytime during your regression, you have the ability to “step out” of what is happening if things are becoming too intense for you to cope with. You can float above, or sit back and watch what is happening without experiencing painful emotions.

Sometimes people will experience just one lifetime, while others will leap frog through several, this is quite common if tracking a phobia, as it can reoccur in many lifetimes and it is important to track it back to its origin.

When the regression is over, you will be guided gently out of the session. It is very important to “close down” properly or you may feel disorientated and ungrounded afterwards.
 It is also important to discuss your findings and to integrate them into your present lifetime. We must always remember that no matter what happened, it is over and can no longer have any influence on us. Everything must be seen in its proper context.

 Quite often we may know someone in this lifetime that we had a wonderful relationship with in another lifetime. Sometimes these “reunions” can be wonderful and some couples do pick up where they left off, others try to but it doesn’t work out. Everything that happens to us happens for a reason, even down to the people we encounter day to day. Like relationships we may have enjoyed in this lifetime that have run their natural course and cannot be recaptured, the same is true for past lives. Sometimes we are put together karmically for a specific reason and when that goal has been achieved or that karmic debt has been paid, both parties are free to go their separate ways.

There are many books, scripts and CD’s available if you wish to attempt to regress yourself. I do advise a period of contemplation before you begin of what you may discover bout yourself. Also you may find it will improve your experience if you spend some time before hand working through some basic visualisation exercises. This will sharpen all your senses while you are under. Meditation is excellent too, as you will find it much easier to drop yourself under.

When it is over don’t forget to write everything down as soon as possible. It is amazing that what was so vivid and life like can so quickly fade from the memory!

What to expect afterwards

Afterwards you may experience vivid dreams, day dreams or flashbacks, all of these are perfectly natural and it is just your conscious mind sifting through all the new information. You may feel very emotional, teary or unable to associate yourself fully with this lifetime. Allow yourself to time to heal naturally, these emotions are surfacing for an important reason, and they need to be experienced, worked through and laid to rest gently. When we suppress these things, we only store up problems for the future, not only in this lifetime but in future ones too. If you have someone who you can discuss this with you may find that helpful.

One more thing, drink plenty of water afterwards, this cleanses and rebalances the mind, body and spirit. Spend time near large bodies of water; oceans, lakes, waterfalls and enjoy long soaks on the tub.

If you feel that you need to be guided on this journey then there are many hypnotherapists out there specialising in past life regression, who will guide you through the whole process step by step and will be happy to discuss and if necessary counsel you on whatever you may experience.