Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Spiritual Commitment

I recently had a lady get in touch with me because she was experiencing severe negative energy attacks. It turned out she had been experimenting with many different spiritual practices, dipping in and out and often trying many very advanced techniques without ever taking the time to work through the basic fundamentals of spiritual development or that particular belief system or spiritual/magickal practice. 

Without working through  protection, opening, centring, closing down again afterwards and grounding/breaking state etc  we leave ourselves wide open to attack from low level and in some case high level negative attacks, astral leakage, lack of ‘presence’ in the physical world to name but a few.

Myself and several other concerned spiritual teachers have been discussing if too much information is too readily available now. 

Through history there have always been magickal orders where an initiate is taken through a particular system step by step never going beyond what they are able to manage or what is beyond their abilities in an energetic sense as well as emotionally and mentally. The information closely protected and only metered out with caution, respect and guidance. 

Now anyone can walk into a book shop or go online and order or download the most high level powerful magickal information and work through it in any way that they please.

This can be wonderful for those who don’t live near a spiritual teacher or may live in a family or communality which doesn’t support their beliefs, but it also has a downside. Information on websites can be misleading and dangerous if the one writing it is inexperienced themselves or if the information is taken out of context. 

Be discerning in what you read, check and compare with other sources and if it doesn’t feel right, truly resonate with you no matter what they may proclaim then walk away.

I among other practitioners are hearing some terrible stories resulting from those who dabble in and then walk away from various spiritual practices whenever they wish, or when they don’t get the results they want or were promised, often  leaving themselves wide open energetically in the process. Spiritual development is something which needs serious commitment and application. 

No one disputes that anyone should be free to study whatever they wish I only urge caution, and if it is a particular path you feel drawn to seek outside guidance from someone experienced. 

If it is a magickal course you are following in a book, please work through it step by step no matter how basic or tedious the early exercises may appear to be they are there for a reason to help you build a safe working foundation. 

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see results overnight, like any seed planted it needs regular care and nurturing to grow, and blossom.

Raine Hilton-The Good Vibes Girl –

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