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How To See Auras

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A Little About The Auric field
The Aura, also known as the Auric field is made up of a number of separate fields that overlay each other. Auras surround every living thing, from people and animals to plants, trees, and crystals. These different layers are also called light bodies.

The first light body is the Etheric body, this one is closest to our physical body and it also carries the blueprint for our bodies and our organs. It the Etheric body falls out of harmony this will transfer to and manifest itself in ailments and illness in the physical body. 

The next layer is the emotional light body. It is through the emotional body that we interact with others, and their moods and feelings. This light body is less tangible than the Etheric which makes it easier to interact with and rebalance using crystals. 

The next layer is the Mental light body. It is in this area that we structure our outlook and our personal views on our perception of reality and our belief systems. 

In addition to these we have more subtle light bodies where we hold our deep spiritual goals and aspirations, and our ultimate connection to the source of universal energy.

It is with our growing awareness of the workings of the Auric Field that we are able to consciously interact with the universe. Through meditation and spiritual development exercises we can work on the Aura in a very subtle way to strengthen our energy fields.

When we walk into a room where a dramatic event has taken place such as a serious argument we sense this through our emotional light body. We have all heard such expressions as;

 “You can cut the atmosphere with a knife”
 “You can feel the love in a room”

In the Auric Field we experience all things, positive and negative. A strong Auric field is created by being healthy and well balanced, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. 

Anyone with a weak Auric Field will be more susceptible to ill health and poor wellbeing. The stronger we can make ourselves the better we can shield ourselves from negative energy and attacks. 

A weak Aura is an open invitation to  negativity. This can manifest itself as depression and feelings of helplessness, worthlessness and an inability to concentrate. 

Someone with a strong Auric Field will be in a positive frame of mind and in control of their emotions and will have a proactive outlook on life.

With a little training it is possible to see Auras. Many are unaware that at a subtle level they can actually sense Auras around others quite naturally. 

You only have to think of when someone has said that a certain colour really suits you; they are picking up on your Aura colours without even being aware of it. They are in fact tuning into how your aura interacts and harmonises with certain colours.This goes more deeply than a certain colour suiting your hair, eye or skin tone.

We often say some one is ‘feeling blue’, is in a ‘black or dark mood’, ‘seeing red’, is ‘green with envy’ when sensing negative emotions, or someone is described as ‘in the pink’ having a ‘golden touch’ or simply ‘radiant’ or ‘glowing’ when they are happy and life is going well; these are other ways we perceive auras. With time, patience and practice it is possible to hone your natural ability to such a degree that you can see auras clearly.

There are now cameras available to accurately capture an image of the aura, there are often stands offering this service at some Mind, Body & Spirit Fairs.  I had mine taken a few years ago at one in Manchester.

An Exercise To See Auras

Ask your subject to stand 18 inches away from you.  For best results you want them to be in natural light, preferable against a wall or background  that is white or light coloured.

Now look past them focussing on the wall behind them. Try to disengage your mind as if you were daydreaming, clear your mind and relax. Anyone who can see the Magic Eye style pictures will pick this up very quickly. 

The first thing that you will notice is the etheric body. This will look like a silvery light emanating from the body, sometimes it will look like little wisps of smoke drifting from the body about ¼ to ½ an inch from the physical body. 

In time you will see colours appearing as your perceptions open to the other light bodies. The colours will change according to the person’s health and emotional state. Don't worry if you can't see it at first. Like everything we do in life, it takes practice.

Another thing you can do is ask your subject to breathe deeply while reciting the alphabet. With each breath they take you will see the etheric body move. You can also ask them to move from side to side; as they do this you should notice the etheric body move as well.

Most importantly relax and have fun with this exercise, don’t become fixated on seeing auras, it’s one of those things that the harder you try to force it the less likely it is to happen.

Basic Aura Exercise

Learn to sense, feel, and see your aura with this basic exercise.

Hold your hands palms facing each other and bring them slowly closer together, but not touching. As you bring your palms closer, you will become aware of a feeling of resistance, it feels very like the feeling when you bring two magnets with opposing poles together, they each repel the other. As soon as you feel this resistance in between your hands, you have just felt your own energy field!

Now try rubbing your hands together very briskly and now try the exercise again. This time the energy should be even stronger.

If you still your mind and bring your hands over plants, trees, or crystals you will feel the same pull of energy, as your energy field interacts with that of another life form. 

If you hold your hands in front of a dark background ( if you turn your monitor screen off so you just have a black screen, or your TV when turned off is a good surface for this too) with a low light behind you, you should with a little practise be able to see your own energy field. 

At first this will appear as little wisps of silvery coloured smoke streaming from your finger tips. In time you may be able to see individual colours too. 

It can also be seen against a clear bright blue sky, early morning is best for this before the sun becomes to dazzling

Raine Hilton - The Good Vibes Girl - 

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