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How to protect against negative energy attacks

Are others draining your energy and surrounding you with negativity?
Learn how to cleanse and protect your aura and deflect those negative vibes!

How many times have you found yourself drawn into situations or have come into contact with others who make you feel uncomfortable or threatened?

These encounters often leave us feeling stressed or drained and exhausted. If the people involved are family members, friends or work colleagues it isn’t always an option to simply avoid them. Those who drain or leach our energy are known in spiritual circles as energy vampires, they literally suck the life-force from us.

These offenders are usually unaware of their actions, the problem often resulting from an inability to channel universal energy themselves, so when they sense their reserves are running low they unconsciously seek out others of a higher vibrational frequency who have what they need.

Babies and young children have weaker auras and need the extra protection from their parents or carers who have far stronger auras. Some children are clingier than others often leaving their carers depleted of energy by the end of the day. Most grow out of it as they mature and their aura naturally becomes more resilient, although we all know some people who continue this as they grow up!

The thought of energy vampires may make us feel like running out and draping garlands of garlic around our necks but there are other less ‘aromatic’ ways of protecting ourselves!

As an empath and a healer this was something I had to learn to deal with. Over time I have tried and tested and also developed a number of techniques designed to shield myself and to deflect the flow of negative energy. You may not be able to use all of these techniques at the same time, at least not without coming across as looking very strange, but using any of them will help.

·         First of all cross your legs at the ankle, easier to do if you are seated! Doing this will close down the cycle of your own energy field allowing your own energy to circulate unhindered.
·         Turn slightly to one side, do not sit or stand facing them full on. Facing someone full on exposes  all your chakras leaving you vulnerable and directly in the firing line to any negative thoughts, words or emotions of others
·         As the right eye is naturally more dominating, avoid this by focussing only on the left eye when you are conversing. You will still be able to maintain eye contact but it will be on an equal level energetically.
·         Put your hands together, fingers and thumbs touching, this as with the ankles seals off your aura and continues to circulate your own energy flow.

If you find yourself caught in a situation such as this and are able to put some space between you and the problem you can work through a few easy steps to put yourself back in control

Next you need to concentrate on grounding and centering yourself; this can be done by taking a walk in the fresh air, running your hands under cool running water, playing music which calms or uplifts you.

 Focus on your breathing, take long, slow, deep breaths. On the in-breath visualise positive energy flooding your body, on the out-breath visualise all the pent up emotions and negativity being cleansed from your body. Consciously relax your shoulders too, often when we are very stressed they end up right around our ears!

The next step is to scan all your chakras beginning with the base or root chakra, and working up to the crown. Some people like to visualise their chakras as flower petals slowly unfolding, others see them as spinning discs or swirling coloured lights, whatever works for you, try to focus on seeing/feeling them as all being the same size and if they are rotating that they are at the same speed.

When they are all open and balanced draw white light/universal energy (you can use Usui, Lightarian energy or any other suitable energy system you are attuned to that works for this situation) through your crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and base/root chakra continuing down through your feet and into the ground. When you feel firmly grounded  push this energy back up again and then feel/see it flooding out through your crown, streaming down and around you and into the ground you are now fully cleansed and protected.

Some people like to make or buy and program a talisman they can wear for protection; this can be something such a cross on chain, a crystal, pentagram, elvin star, or other spiritual or religious symbol.

When you have chosen your talisman cleanse it first either through smudging, or in seasalt (depending on what it is made of) and then light a candle and in meditation connect to who you would like to protect you. This could be Archangel Michael for example, ask him to bless your talisman, feel his energy flowing into it and know that each time you wear or carry it you will further strengthen your bond with him and the protective shield it offers will continue to grow.

Crystals such as hematite or smoky quartz are good for repelling negative energy. If you have a bowl of seasalt by your front door as you come home each time run your hands through the seasalt allowing it draw away all negative energy. Some people also scatter a little under their doormat so as any visitors cross the threshold they are also cleansed of negative energy too and will not affect you or your home.

Power words, chants, mantras or prayers can be especially powerful too. You can write your own or use something which has an established energy signature such as The Lord’s Prayer, The Rosary, Petitioning the Archangels, or something from your own spiritual or religious belief system. 

Specific attunement systems can also help with this problem, contact me if you would like to learn more.

Raine Hilton – The Good Vibes Girl –

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