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Choosing the Right Crystal for Healing

Choosing the Right Crystal for Healing

The first step to working with crystals for healing, is deciding which ones to use. There are several ways to discover this. The best, easiest and most reliable of these is by simply tapping into your own natural instincts. This may be ‘seeing', ‘hearing' the crystal intuitively or by tuning into the person you are healing and being guided to what they need to heal and rebalance them. 

You may see a colour surrounding that person. You can then consult a crystal book and look at various crystals of that same colour, and make your choice from one of those. Or you can of course, providing you know the ailment you are treating also look that up in a crystal book and it will give you several different ones to choose from. If I ever get a little stuck I work from The Crystal Bible. If you have a basic crystal set of the types most often used you can usually find one to fit the purpose. Sometimes you just find your hand guided to the right crystal as you think about that person.

Tapping into your instincts is easier than first appears and something we all do quite naturally without ever really thinking. But by consciously directing our thoughts, going within and bringing that person close to us in our minds eye, tuning into their emotional make-up we will know instinctively just what is needed. As we all receive answers in different ways, we must be open to what we are presented with. Your answer could come in the form of hearing the name of the crystal to use, seeing it in your mind’s eye, or even by seeing a particular colour surrounding the image of the person.

If you have a problem visualising, you can also work from a photograph of them or an item belonging to them, either of these strengthens the connection between you both.

If you are unable to pick anything up from the person by tuning into them, then a clear quartz crystal can be used in the place of any others. Also as explained above, providing you know what the problem is you can look their ailments up in a crystal book and choose one suitable for the job. If you are able to pick up a colour while tuned into them you can also choose any crystal of the same colour from lists found in crystal books, this is especially true in chakra healing.

I like to work to the principle of ‘blueprint for perfect health, which was provided for them at their conception' this is important as otherwise you are imposing your (albeit well meaning) will over what may be Karmic lessons they need to face and conquer by themselves. You would then be in fact infringing on their free will and free choice. This is something none of us have the right to do. Also as we may not know the full extent of the illness or the injury done to the body as a result of it, we may cure the illness itself but the damage already done to the body may remain and cause further imbalance.

Healing can be made more effective by synergistically combining the energies of both crystals and aromatherapy oils. You can do this by choosing a crystal that you feel would be of the most benefit to the person you are treating, using the methods mentioned above and anointing it with essential oils. There are a few that can be used for this, namely Lavender, Rose or Sandalwood.

The oil you wish to use needs to be prepared and energized first. This is done by first choosing a small bottle with a neck that is wide enough to insert a small thin crystal into, for example Amethyst. In addition to this you will also need a 100ml bottle; dark ones are best as this extend the life of your oil blend. Add to this bottle your piece of Amethyst and 5ml of either Lavender oil, and then top this up with a base oil.

There are many to choose from but do take care for those with allergies as some are derived from nuts. This oil blend should now be left to stand overnight, then it can be transferred into the smaller bottle to which another small piece of Amethyst has been added. You now have a potent oil blend to anoint your chosen crystal with when you want to send healing to that particular person.

Distance healing energy can be sent by using the specially prepared oil blend mentioned above and anointing the chosen crystal with this. This is then placed somewhere close by to where you plan on working.

When you are ready to send healing either place your hand on the crystal or hold it gently in your hand. Hold an image of the person in your mind, either think their name in your head or say it aloud and visualise energy streaming from the crystal you are holding to the person you are treating. This will send crystal healing energy their way each time you do it. This can be repeated as often as needed, until the person is either fully healed or you are guided to stop.

Do cleanse your crystal after each session so it doesn’t become overloaded or transfer imbalances from one client to another.

I also send distance healing by working on a basic diagram of the body, front and back, with the various chakra and energy points pencilled in. I hold my pendulum over the image and move it over each of the energy points to pick up on specific areas that need treating. Beginning at the top (crown chakra) I hold a crystal wand over each energy point and visualise it removing any negativity, illnesses present or blockages. After I have done this I go back and check how each energy point is working with my pendulum. 

When you have finished using the crystal for healing it needs to be cleared in the method you would usually use and if oil has been used it also needs to be physically washed in warm soapy water.

Healing should always be carried out in a gentle thoughtful manner. There should be no pain experienced, if this does happens it is because the healer is mishandling the points. Care should always be taken to monitor everything you do to your client and if pain is experienced it should be requested that it is removed as soon as it appears. Energy should be allowed to flow smoothly and freely, gently removing each and every blockage.

Raine Hilton- The Good Vibes Girl –

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