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Colour Awareness in Healing

  The importance of colour in healing.

Colour surrounds us at all times from what we wear to how we choose to furnish our homes. When we don't allow ourselves to be led by fashion trends we tend to be drawn to colours instinctively for what is most needed to soothe or stimulate our bodies for that day. Colours are formed by the refractions of light from each bend in the ray of light. All colours vibrate at a different frequency with red as the slowest and most dense up to violet with white as the highest frequency.  This corresponds to the colours of our chakras.  Each colour has the power to alter us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

People also use colours to match what they are doing; red and black for instance are real power colours and are often used by people in business or authority positions. Black in particular is a very protective colour and is used to reflect all forms of negativity, one reason (other than out of respect) it is often worn to funerals. Purple and gold are very popular for spiritual and ritual work.
We can be better prepared when we are out and about by having a good grounding of how colours affect us on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Businesses have this study down to a fine art and use colour combinations to manipulate us in ways that make us want to eat more, buy more, move through shops more slowly or prevent us from hanging around too long! This is especially effective when combined with music. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! By being aware of this and remaining focused on what we are out to achieve we can shut down our reactive behaviour and resist temptation!
Colour is a powerful tool to use in healing, as all the organs and glands of the body react to the vibrations that emanate from the various colours associated to the chakra area they are in. The kidneys react to the colour orange, while the heart responds to green. All the cells in the body also have a frequency that resonates strongly and positively when we are healthy.

When we suffer ill health or an imbalance this vibrational frequency changes and becomes distorted. When we have a problem in either of these areas we can use those colours that are of a vibrational match to boost the corresponding chakras and areas of the endocrine system to promote well-being. 

When colour is used in healing treatments, all the colours of the spectrum are utilized: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and violet. Colour comes from daylight and when it is absorbed through the eyes and skin, it has the power to heal imbalances in the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Also to be taken into consideration is using complimentary colours when healing, for instance when dealing with blood pressure red is ideal for raising it while blue (its opposite) will lower it.

We can apply colour awareness to our healings by:

1 We can choose crystals by the corresponding colour we need for the particular area we are healing. These can be found in many lists and books.
2 We can surround ourselves with a colour best suited to what we are doing in a particular room, by decorating, or painting the walls in specific colours to soothe, relax, energize or harmonize. For instance red wouldn't give us a restful sleep in a bedroom but it would stimulate both the appetite and mental functions in a dining room.
3 We can also give our clients or ourselves a boost by using coloured piece of cloth corresponding to the chakras colours. I use my husband's magician's silk handkerchiefs for this.  The colours are so vivid and when combined with the crystals the results are quite magical!
4 Even what we eat and drink effects us vibrationally. To obtain and maintain optimum health we should eat and drink from all colours of the spectrum. We should allow ourselves to be guided by what are body needs instead of quick fixes of junk foods. I absolutely hate bananas but every once in a while my body needs one and I feel compelled to eat it. I always find that I feel much more balanced after this.
5 We can also use colour by visualising a mist or etheric blanket of colours to reflect what is needed. Colour breathing is also wonderful for this and is also a very quick way to restore balance and harmony. A wonderful one to do when outside and in the presence of a rainbow!
6 When we synergistically combine colours with herbs, oils and crystals we create something new and very powerful as each enhances the other. We can do this by using coloured spray bottles and adding to them blends of essential oils, herbs and crystals. Making sure that each one is of the same vibrational frequency. 
As each day also has its own colour associated with it, to be really precise you can even mix the colour blends on the correct colour day.
Sunday - gold, yellow, yellow-orange, neon shades of orange and yellow & hot pink
Monday - white, silver, pale blue
Tuesday - red, black, scarlet, orange
Wednesday - purple, orange
Thursday - purple, royal blue, green
Friday - pink, aqua
Saturday - black, deep purple

Raine Hilton - The Good Vibes Girl -

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