Wednesday, 21 May 2014

5 ways to attract more positivity into your day

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Does each day feel like another round on the treadmill? Even if you can’t change your day to day routine, you are entitled to have a little fun each day, so let’s look at how we can lighten the load!

The best way to get the most out of your day is by doing things with a positive attitude, and by focusing on the immediate job at hand.  If we looked ahead and saw the towering pile of pots we would have to wash, or clothes we would have to iron in a lifetime, it would be enough to make anyone take to their bed! 

So for today, just focus on the chores that need your attention today.  Yesterday is over and done with, you did your best and nothing can change that now. Tomorrow has yet to be born, and no matter what you expect, it will be magically filled with all kinds of unsuspecting surprises. 

A day rarely goes exactly as we plan it to, so be open and flexible and remember that a positive attitude attracts positive things, people and events to you, just as having a negative attitude will attract negativity to you. No matter what the day holds we can always get through it, the sun will set today and rise again tomorrow. 

A positive attitude will make you feel happier, more positive and healthier too and open up more opportunities and possibilities, allowing you to move in harmony with the flow of the universe and not against it.

So today, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself, it isn’t being selfish, and it isn’t being lazy, it’s about putting YOU first! Only when you are at your best, can you give your best to others.

1. Have an attitude of gratitude; show gratitude and a positive attitude to everyone you meet. Make time to have a quick chat with your postman/woman, delivery person or cashier, smile at a passer by. The fastest way to attract those good vibes is to give them out first! Help out at a charity or fundraising event, volunteer to be a visitor at your local hospital or hospice. 

By helping others you are attracting more positivity into your life, the more you give, the more will be returned to you, and usually when you least expect it! 

Call on a friend or a neighbour, spend some time in their company just listening to them, especially if this is someone who is elderly, housebound or lives alone. If you can’t get out and about yourself, make time for a sociable phone call or write a cheery letter. 

Spend time with people who make you feel good, just for the fun of it.

2. Declutter your life; a wonderful way of attracting positive energy into your life is by stirring up stale, stagnant, negative energy and moving it out of your life. Get rid of anything you no longer use, listen to, watch or wear, pass it on to friends or relatives or donate to charity and let someone else benefit from it.

Look at negative cycles in your life; do you eat the same meals over and over again? Do you watch the same TV programmes or visit the same places? Are you still hanging onto items, ideas or beliefs that were never actually yours? 

When we end a relationship, it is easy to carry on as if they had never left, in the same old routine, doing things that we never particularly liked but put up with because they loved doing them. Reclaim your life!

3. Goal Setting; set a daily goal, something that excites and inspires you. It doesn’t need to be anything huge, or for it to take up a lot of time or money; you could take an exercise class or DVD, read a chapter of a self improvement book, learn to play an instrument, learn a foreign language, anything that will stretch you and move you away from the boredom of the daily grind.
4. Time management; organize your time so that you can achieve a realistic amount of work or complete a sensible amount of tasks in one day. Don’t set unrealistic goals, or you will be setting yourself to fail before you begin. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate to co-workers or family members, if and when you can. If you have large goals, then chop them down into bite sized pieces, analyse what it would take to get through each step and then do it! 

Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements too, we spend so much time with our eyes on the horizon we rarely stop, take stock and enjoy the fruits of our labour. So stop right now and give yourself a pat on the back for all the great things you have done, especially those that seemed so impossible at the time.

Take this knowledge with you and the next time something appears insurmountable recall and take strength from those previous times, know that you can do it!

5. Look at the world through the eyes of a child; remember the innocent wonder and delight of the simplest things. Take a walk through your local park, have a picnic, stop and listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing through the trees, catch raindrops on your tongue, jump in puddles, take your socks and shoes off and walk barefoot in the long grass. 

Even if it is just for half an hour, sit and listen to your favourite music, dance around the room. 

Go within and meditate, get to know the real you, and learn to love yourself for the special unique human being you are. 

Be spontaneous, adventurous, open to the synchronicity of life, live your life creatively intune with the universe.

Raine Hilton - The Good Vibes Girl - 

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